Research Interests

I am an interpersonal communication scholar whose specialty is family communication. I examine the intersection of mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, negative affectivity, and stress), communication processes (e.g., conflict resolution strategies, coping, social skills), family functioning (e.g., family cohesion and adaptability), and relationship quality (e.g., commitment, dedication, divorce proneness, and satisfaction) among young-adult and adult family relationships (e.g., siblings, marital dyads, and parent-child dyads and triads).

Additionally, I research the associations among effective leadership and leadership programming. Specifically, I examine some of the factors (e.g., empathy, tolerance for ambiguity, self-efficacy, perspective taking, imposter phenomenon) that influence the engagement in and effectiveness of one's leadership and capacity to thrive in their personal relationships and the systems and communities they belong to.